7 Unique Gifts For Guitarists

gifts for guitarists
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The holidays are just around the corner, and here at Indie Signal we thought we’d give a helping hand to all those who have guitarists in their lives. Whether giving for birthdays, holidays, or just out of love: giving gifts to guitarists can often be a daunting and overwhelming prospect for those not familiar with the music world. That’s why we’re here to help. Below we’ve listed some of the best, and most unique, gifts for guitarists.

Gifts For Guitarists

1. DIY Guitar Pick Punch


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Avg. Cost: $23

The do-it-yourself pick punch from Pick-A-Palooza is a nifty little gift that every guitarist would appreciate.

Quite simply, the pick punch allows you to cut perfect picks from any piece of plastic (like an old credit card) you might have lying around. This not only allows you to customize what color or texture pick you want, but in a much more practical sense it insures you always have a pick ready. The pick punch also comes with 4-starter plastic strips (so you can start punching away) and a cool leather key chain pick holder than can hold up to 10 picks.

Every guitarist knows how often picks go missing, and the DIY Pick Punch solves this problem in a neat and simplistic way.

2. Orange Micro Crush Mini Amp


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Avg. Cost: $70

We were honestly stunned at the quality and features coming from such a tiny battery powered amp while we were testing out the Micro Crush.

Not only is the quality and tone phenomenal, but added features such as a built-in tuner, overdrive, and a headphones jack make this one of the best gifts for guitarists out there.

Whether practicing at home, jamming with friends, or taking it on a road-trip – the Orange Micro Crush Mini is the perfect gift for guitarists who don’t want to fuss with a larger amp just to strum a few notes.

3. Marshall Compact Fridge

gifts-for-guitarists-marshall-fridge See Price on Amazon

Avg. Cost: $350

Guitarists don’t just need guitar gear, they need food too!

Every musician knows that jamming makes you super hungry, so what better way to style up a guitar room or jam room than a Marshall amp fridge?

Modeled after one of the most famous amps on the market, the Marshall Compact Fridge is a fun, yet practical addition to any guitarists living space.

The space of the fridge is 4.4 cubic feet and also contains a freezer.

4. GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer

gifts for guitarists

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Avg. Cost: $33

On the more practical side of things, the GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer is a gift that every guitarist should keep in their pack.

Changing strings and making alterations to your guitar always seems to be a headache so why not make things a little easier? Having all your strings and tools in one place gets you one step closer to fixing up your guitar, and getting back to playing. Containing string cutters, flat/philips screwdrivers, an LED flashlight, 5 Allen wrenches, string winders, pockets for strings, and much more, the Tool Kit & String Organizer is a trusty sidekick for all guitarists.

5. Ditto Looper

gifts for guitarists

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Avg. Cost: $90
Needs: Adapter

Provide endless hours of enjoyment for your loved ones with the Ditto Looper from TC Electric.

The Ditto Looper pedal is a guitar pedal that allows you to jam along with yourself. Simply put, a guitarist can play a progression, click the pedal button, and the pedal will play back what the guitarist just played on a loop through the amp. This is great for guitarists wanting to sharpen their lead skills, or for those who want to learn how to jam along with other musicians, but are unable to find other guitarists.

The pedal does need a power supply and sadly the pedal itself does not come with the proper adapter. Check out this adapter from D’Addario for about $10.

6. Music Nomad Guitar Care Kit

gifts for guitarists

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Avg. Cost: $30

Keeping your guitar clean and polished is one way to help ensure longevity and continued playability.

No one likes looking at, or more importantly, playing a dull and dusty guitar. This 5-piece guitar care kit from Music Nomad helps solve the problem of cleaning your guitar while taking the guess work out of which chemicals and cleaners you’re able to use on guitar wood.

This kit comes with a cleaner, a polish, a wax, and 2 microfiber towels and can help restore scratched and dulling guitars.

7. Custom Guitar Grip

gifts for guitarists

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Avg. Cost: $40

This awesome looking guitar grip/wall mount, will spice up any guitar room.

Not only is this a neat looking guitar wall mount (the grip is screwed into the wall and a guitar is placed within the hands grip), but it gives guitarists with limited space a way to decoratively gain floor space.

The guitar grip is a sturdy grip that is able to handle the weight of any guitar, and comes in multiple colors from silver, black, and white to red, blue and skeleton.

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