The Quick Run Down

music-lifeIndie Signal is the collaborative effort of a few music enthusiasts who want to share their thoughts on gear and new music being released into the world.

We share our thoughts about new indie artists and their respective albums in the spirit of aiding them on the journey towards rising success.

It’s our belief that our insights and reviews provide artists with the elements needed for musical success.



Marketing Push

We live in an amazing time where the barriers to entry as a musician have reached record lows. With the latest technologies recording music and sharing it with the world had never been easier. Sites like Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation are examples of this feat.

But a midst this revolution, there is a surplus of music filling the space and masking the exceptional in a swam of mediocre or worse. Placing your latest album online leaves you to compete with thousands of other artists for the attention of a listener. Sometimes leaving your hard work without so much of a glance.

Indie Signal’s Purpose

We are here to fill a void in the new musician’s gear and marketing arsenal.

We only review music and gear that we genuinely find great. In terms of music, our focus is on new emerging artists. Our reviews are designed to go beyond just a standard album review. We seek to share the story behind the music including offering our readers a taste of the creators essence and personality.

If you are an artist, it is our hope that our reviews stand as a beacon for your accomplishments. You can share them with friends and professionals, use them in your press kits, and more importantly let them echo for new music enthusiasts to discover and listen to.

We want you to succeed and live up to your dreams.



 Indie Signal, a beacon for the artists and the devout listeners.