Best Didgeridoo

best didgeridoo

Best Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a unique, and easily noticeable wind instrument. Every one is familiar with its trance-like sound. But despite being created 1,000 years ago in Northern Australia, it isn’t all that easy to find information on this instrument for the aspiring didgeridoo player. That’s why we wrote this guide to the best didgeridoo. 

It’s important to keep in mind that traditional didgeridoos are typically made from eucalyptus, and are hollowed out by termites. Traditional pieces are expensive ($500-$3000), and difficult to buy via the internet. The pieces listed below are made from either alternative woods, or a polymer. But this allows for a drastically cheaper price tag while maintaining incredible sound. We stand by the didgeridoos that we have carefully selected for our list of best didgeridoo.

Below you can find our favorite pick “Best Buy “, which is the best balance of cost vs. quality on our list. Also listed is our “Best of the Best ♠”model, which is the highest quality didgeridoo on our list, regardless of price tag. Our “Editor’s Choice” is determined by our writer and takes various traits of the instrument in to account. Because music is important to you, and because you’ll be spending a large amount of time using and practicing with your didgeridoo of choice it’s critical you get the right advice. So take some time to digest the information below.

For a quick overview, below is our list of the Best Didgeridoo. For more in-depth information, scroll below.

  1. Modern Didgeridoo 

  2. Riverman Shroom 

  3. Meinl DDG1-R

  4. X8 Spiral Didgeridoo 

Best  Didgeridoo

Modern Didgeridoo

best didgeridoo

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♥ Best Buy Award

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, tough, and balanced sounding didgeridoo – then this is the one for you.

Perfect for beginners and kids, the Modern Didgeridoo is an astoundingly affordable and indestructible instrument. The Modern Didgeridoo is made from a synthetic polymer, stands at 45.5″(shy of 4 feet), wrapped with natural jute fibers for grip, and the mouthpiece is dipped in dark raw bees wax for adjustability and comfort. The bees wax also acts as a great antibacterial.

Tough, natural looking, and the best sounding didgeridoo at this price-point, make the Modern Didgeridoo a winner for all beginners.

RiverMan Fire Roasted Shroom

best didgeridoo

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♠ Best of the Best Award

The RiverMan didgeridoo series is a shining example of the quality that can be achieved when artists and craftsmen truly care for the quality of their work.

The owner of RiverMan uses bamboo for his didgeridoos that he grows sustainably on his family farm in Alabama which was planted in 1931. Following traditional didgeridoos, each piece is hand-crafted which makes each one unique, and then is fire-burned and painted by hand.

Additional features include: natural bees wax mouthpiece,  about 5 feet in length, hand painted mushroom design, and incredible sound quality as well as range. Despite being the best didgeridoo on our list, the RiverMan Fire Roasted Shroom is still drastically cheaper than any traditional eucalyptus didgeridoo, while arguably being comparable to those pieces.

Meinl has always been a reputable company, and that tradition continues with the Meinl DDG1-R.

At the same price point as the Modern Didgeridoo, the Meinl DDG1-R is a good choice for players that would prefer a natural (bamboo) material over the synthetic build of the Modern Didgeridoo. All other features are essentially identical, the DDG1-R is however 2 inches longer, does NOT have/need a mouthpiece, and contains pretty neat looking Australian designs.

If you’re looking for a good beginner didgeridoo that has a natural build, and authentic designs, look no further than the Meinl DDG1-R. 

X8 Spiral Didgeridoo

best didgeridoo

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Editor’s Choice

I really dig the feel, play, and practicality of the X8 Spiral Didgeridoo.

Made from light mahogany, with a great looking snake design, the dimensions come out to about 11; 5″ L x 2″ H x 11; 5″ W (42″ internal path), making the X8 a perfect travel companion. Being always on the road, the practicality of this design won a lot of points in my book – but that’s not all. The sound from the X8 is truly rich, and quite honestly surprising for being so compact.

All things considered the X8 has a solid build, practical design, affordable price point, and rich sound, winning my Editors award.

Key Features to Look for in the Best Didgeridoo


Length with didgeridoos can typically range between 3ft-10ft. It’s important to keep in mind that when speaking about natural didgeridoos, no two are the same. But if we are to generalize, the longer the length, the deeper and more resonant the sound. The shorter the didgeridoo, the higher the pitch. In terms of play, a longer didgeridoo will require slower lip vibration, and short didgeridoos require faster lip vibration.

If you’re just starting out we recommend a didgeridoo that’s somewhere right in the middle – not too long, and not too short.

Painted vs. Natural
A lot of beginner didgeridoo players ask the question: does a painted didgeridoo affect the sound? The answer is no. It’s purely esthetic, so feel free to purchase one that catches your eye! Or, go natural instead!

Cost is always an important feature when purchasing a musical instrument, and not just the best didgeridoo. Similar to other instruments, there is a wide price range within the didgeridoo world.

Within our list, we’ve listed out multiple price ranges. Our “Best Buy” model, which is a measure of cost vs. quality, or in other words, the best bang for your buck. Our “Best of the Best” model which is only concerned with pure quality, and not cost.

The cost of didgeridoos is typically reliant upon a few factors: if the trees used to make the didgeridoo are produced on a large scale or not, the time the craftsman took to go searching into the wilderness for a desirable piece of wood, and the art displayed on the didgeridoo. Didgeridoos that can be mass-produced are dramatically cheaper than unique and time-intensive pieces which can run upwards of $3000.


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