Best Of Enemies- Stay Young, Trust Me

The new face of British rock
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If you happened across Best Of Enemies music, it would be safe to assume that they were an experienced national-act with headlining prowess and not just beginning their career in music-but that’s just the case.  


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This 4-piece rock band from London, UK, comprised of Sam Christmas, Ben Sapsford, Christian Kally-Gallimore and Simon Roberts, have crafted an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful sound at such a young age.  With their debut-EP Stay Young, Trust Me, BOE have hit the ground running and don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.


Best Of Enemies

“It’s really awesome to be making some sort of impression on home grounds! Me and Christian met at college a few years ago and we were in a couple of bands that didn’t go anywhere, we found Ben from our local scene and we found Simon through a friend. This band has been a long time coming for us and it’s really great to be in a band that is actually connecting with people.”


 -Sam, Best Of Enemies


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Despite having a tenured sound, BOE have been highly influenced by fairly new bands such as Deaf Havana, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis and We Are The Ocean.  But the influences don’t stop there.  The band revealed to me the need they feel to inform people where they’re from, so British voicing and slang have been crucial in the shaping of their sound.

We very much enjoy playing music and we spend a lot of time together playing gigs, going to gigs, open mic nights, rehearsing or just having a drink or two together! We’re a band of brothers!


Stay Young, Trust Me

Released August 9,2014 from Charm Studios, the 4-song album begins with You’re A Good Mate, Really, a fast introduction to the strong and sturdy production of the album as a whole.  The track begins with a lively guitar very reminiscent of early-Paramore and delivers a full sound as the band quickly joins in.  Sam Christmas lays all vocal cards on the table with fierce screams in between respectable singing, giving You’re A Good Mate, Really a ferocious edge.


Ignorance Is Bliss, second on the album, departs from the albums up-tempo theme.  This emotional-shift is a poignant plea of a young man who’s family life is struggling: “This house is falling apart, just like the family that once lived inside, since my mother walked out and my father moved away, it gets worse day by day”, he opens.

A consistent theme through out Stay Young, Trust Me is BOE’s delivery of solid chorus lines.  Especially present in Hopes And Dreams and Wasting Away, with the latter containing particularly attentive guitar riffs,  the group manage a fun and youthful sound while lyrically expanding on serious issues.


The Future

For now, the group is modestly enjoying the momentum they’ve received from Stay Young, Trust Me, while taking the time to carefully craft their sophomore album.  But be sure to keep an eye out for these boys causing a “ruckus” (as they described it) within the London scene as well as a UK tour that is being planned for 2015.


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