Best Harmonica Holders

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Harmonica is an instrument that may seem easy at first, but can take years to truly master.  If you are a guitar player who wants to play harmonica at the same time it can be difficult without the proper equipment. A useful tool for this is the harmonica holder, or neck rack. Used by musicians such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Sheryl Crow, a harmonica holder allows for greater versatility during live performances. However, not all harmonica holders will suit everyone equally, which is why we wrote this guide to the best harmonica holders. 

Key Features to Look for in a Harmonica Holder

Harmonica Compatibility
Odds are you’re playing with a standard 10-hole harmonica, but if you’re playing with a different type it’s important to check if your harmonica holder will be compatible with that size/type. We’ve outlined harmonica compatibility for each holder in the reviews below.  
There really aren’t many parts to a harmonica holder, but an extremely important feature is the reliability of the springs, and more importantly the wing nuts of the holder.

After you’ve placed your harmonica within the spring clamp, you’ll want to adjust where exactly the harmonica will sit in relation to your face with the wing nuts. Strong, reliable wing nuts are paramount because if they don’t hold well while you’re performing your harmonica could start to slip away.

Best Harmonica Holders

Pros: Price, Best Buy Award
Cons:  Wing nuts could be tighter

Hohner’s HH01 is one of the most popular harmonica holders on the market – and for a great price.

Hohner has become somewhat of the industry standard for harmonica holders, and the HH01 is certainly the budget friendly pick winning our Best Buy Award.

The HH01 is surprisingly sturdy for its price point and stands nice and tall, which is a feature we liked, but we know not everyone is a fan of taller harmonica holders.

Although the wing nuts could be tighter, because of its price point it’s difficult to complain. Be sure to keep in mind the HH01 is meant for standard 10-hole harps, so if you want to play larger harmonicas check out some of our other reviews on this list.

K&M Harmonica Holder

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Pros: Price, Reliable
Cons: None

The K&M Harmonica Holder is an incredibly reliable holder, for a good price.

The K&M can hold just about any size harp and even includes two little clasps that will lock your harmonica in place, a feature unique to K&M. We would have liked to see some rubber tubing where your harmonica meets the holder, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for us if you’re careful.

All in all the K&M is one of the best harmonica holders on the market.

Hohner MZ Flex Rack

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Pros: Quality, Best Of The Best Award
Cons:  None

Hohner’s higher-end alternative to the HH01 is the MZ Flexrack, and boy does this holder deliver.

A strong build, pivot points to adjust tilt, reliable wing nuts, rubber tubing for protection, and a curved rack for comfort of playing are just some of the reasons the Flexrack is one of the best harmonica holders out there.

Able to play standard 10-harps as well as larger, the Flexrack wins our Best Of The Best Award.

Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder

best harmonica holders

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Pros: Strong Springs
Cons:  A bit uncomfortable

The famous harmonica whiz Lee Oskar has been making harmonicas and harmonica gear since the 1980’s, and people worldwide understandably love his products.

Despite its relatively low price, the Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder was definitely built to last. Strong springs make for a solid hold so have no worries about harps slipping away from you.

We couldn’t find the ‘sweet spot’ with this holder, but everyone has different body types and holder preferences which is why we felt it still deserved a spot on our list.

Final Notes

Harmonica holders may seem like trivial items, but they are crucial pieces of equipment, especially during live performances.

If private hobby is your aim, then look no further than the Hohner HH01 because of its decent quality and great price point. However, if a holder is necessary for professional or serious performances, then we suggest going with the Hohner Flexrack or the K&M Harmonica Holder. Both are are sturdy and reliable holders, which is what’s really important when you have a crowd of potential fans waiting.

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