Best Mini Guitar Amps

best mini guitar amps

Best Mini Guitar Amps

Guitar amps are a big part of a guitarist’s gear. They help shape the sound, and overall feel of your playing. While gig amps are extremely important, they’re of no use when you want something portable, easy, and quick to plug your guitar into. That’s why we wrote this guide to the Best Mini Guitar Amps. Mini guitar amps are a great solution for a guitarists who wants to plug in, but don’t want to bother with the huge weight, and inconvenient size of larger amps.

Below you can find some of our favorite picks such as the budget-friendly “Best Buy” and our high-quality “Best of the Best” models. Because music is important to you, and because you’ll be spending a large amount of time using and practicing with your mini guitar amp of choice it’s critical you get the right advice. So take some time to digest the information below.

For a quick overview, below is our list of the best mini guitar amps. For more in-depth information, scroll below.

  1. Honeytone N-10

  2. Orange Micro crush

  3. Blackstar Fly3

  4. Fender Frontman 10G

Key Features to Look for in the Best Mini Guitar Amps

You won’t be able to crank it to ’11’ with any mini amp, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get somewhat loud in their own right. The loudest amp in our review section is the Fender Frontman 10G.
Tone is always an important factor when it comes to amps, and that doesn’t change  with mini guitar amps. Just like larger amps, some mini amps will excel with a ‘clean’ tone, while others will sound better distorted.

With that being said, most mini amps cannot reach the distortion level of most larger amps.

These are just added features that can make your playing that much more enjoyable. Things like: built-in tuners, headphone jacks, delay knobs, and more. These are nice add-ons that are helpful to any guitarist. With that being said, your preferred tone and sound of choice should always come before being swayed by any add-ons.
Cost is always an important factor when searching for the best mini guitar amps, or the best of any equipment for that matter. The mini guitar amps we’ve laid out below are the best mini guitar amps for varying cost brackets. If you’re a beginner go with our “Best Buy” amp, which measures cost vs. quality (bang for your buck). If you’re searching for a more advanced amp, our “Best of the Best” demonstrates the highest quality amp without budget in mind. 

Best Mini Guitar Amps

Honeytone N-10


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♥ Best Buy Award

At a $20 price point, you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding mini amp for a cheaper price.

The Honeytone N-10 is budget friendly amp that includes a leather handle, belt clip, headphone jack, volume/tone/overdrive controls, and is in a plastic shell.

The tone and sound of the N-10 is surprisingly good, especially for such a low price-point, making the N-10 a fun addition to your arsenal.

Orange Micro Crush

best mini guitar amps


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Best Of The Best

Orange is known for quality products, and that reputation continues with the Micro Crush.

Features include: 3-Watts, built-in tuner, overdrive/clean, headphone output, and a basket weave grille. The Micro Crush definitely excels on the distortion end, as opposed to the clean, but with a little tweaking you can get a decent clean sound.

The body (wrapped in traditional orange vinyl) feels extremely sturdy, and not cheap or flimsy whatsoever.

Blackstar Fly3

best mini guitar amps

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We were honestly torn between giving the Fly3 and Micro Crush our Best of the Best award. The  Micro Crush just edged out the Fly3 because of it’s higher build quality, but the Fly3 has a tremendous tone and add-ons.

The Fly3 has a gain/volume/eq/delay knob, mp3 line in, headphone out, and 3 watts. The tone is spectacular with the Fly3, and is a no-brainer if you prefer a crunchy sound.

Fender Frontman 10G

best mini guitar amps

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This is our largest, and highest watt (10 watts) amp on our list.

Sticking with the long revered quality that is Fender, the Frontman 10G has that classic fender sound in a tiny package. Features include: gain/overdrive/volume/treble/bass knobs, 2 band EQ, aux-in, and a headphone output. Essentially this makes the Frontman 10G an exact scaled down version of larger Fender amps.

If you want that signature Fender sound in a small, portable package, look no further than the Frontman 10G

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