A melodic forward-moving journey.
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 The Bikewalk

Formed in an Indianapolis, Indiana living room, singer/songwriter Ian Illig and musician/poet Logan Hendrickson have created something special.  The Bikewalk is a wonderful blend of indie hooks and folk character, delivering where so much music falls short today.  After writing and sharing ideas, The Bikewalk was ready for their debut record: A Horse With Blinders.



A Horse With Blinders

Released November 11, 2014,  A Horse With Blinders is a captivating journey of truth and emotion.  It’s initially difficult to believe this is a debut record, because The Bikewalk plays as if a veteran of the music industry.  Where newer bands often falter, playing too much and lacking in vision, The Bikewalk are conscious and careful with every note: less is certainly more here.

Similar to The Head And The Heart and Wilco, the album begins with Shiver.  Initially acoustic, the piece includes some smart piano and guitar lines that add greatly to the depth the lyrics demand.

Now you’re in the middle of me and the rest of the room.
And I gotta look at you, taking credit for light like the moon.


Spilling The Wine, second on the album, is one of my favorites.  The callback between male and female voice is perfectly executed, and adds yet again to The Bikewalk’s brilliance.  The lead guitar touches almost on country, offering a lightheartedness and ease to the song.  Despite being a serious song lyrically, it never takes itself too seriously, leaving the listener in a fun and upbeat mood.  I’m hoping for more duets like this in the future from them!

Next on the album is Tongue Tied, contrasting greatly from Spilling The Wine.  Starting out simple and small, the space grows with each passing note.  The chorus eventually grows into a vast and ethereal piece thanks to some great production that never overcomplicates itself.

I was pleasantly surprised with the final track, A Horse With Blinders.  It contains an assortment of styling, more than any other track on the album.  Initially folk, the song grows with an indie feel, containing pieces here and there that resemble DeathCab For Cutie.  The ambient undertones present throughout the album are forefront here and blend well, never distracting.  The crystal clear winner of the final song, however, have got to be the lyrics.  

There’s an old man staring into better parts of me.  I’m at the table thinking ’bout a girl, he says ‘a horse don’t know if it’s wearin blinders, are you so sure that you’re eyes are open?  Wake up, wake up.’


The Future

Wickedly talented and extremely humble, The Bikewalk are a great representation of what all musicians should embody.  They never sell short and deliver straight from the heart.

Currently, The Bikewalk are playing local shows in the Indianapolis area.  Be sure to find them and their rotating cast of talented friends for live shows if you are ever in the area.


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  • They are simply amazing. Beautiful voices, musically talented and so much fun to watch and listen to. Cant wait to hear more from them in the future. Thanks Bikewalk for sharing with us and making us smile

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