Blast From The Past: America Live In Central Park (1979)

A look back in musical history.


The year is 1979.  America, the loveable band from London, is at the height of their career with the release of their first album (Silent Letter) since the departure of fellow founding member, Dan Peek.

The footage is the work of filmmaker Peter Clifton, who followed the band in-studio in California, and then a live concert in Central Park, culminating in America: Live in Central Park.

Track Listing: 1. Intro 2. Tin Man 3. Only Game in Town 4. I Need You 5. Foolin’ 6. Ventura Highway 7. California Dreamin’ 8. Another Try 9. A Horse With No Name 10. All Night 11. Here 12. Hollywood 13. Sandman 14. Sister Golden Hair

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