Bruce Springsteen and Chris Martin Fill In For Bono

Surprise World AIDS Day Concert.

World AIDS Day (RED) benefit saw some amazing musical collaboration on a monday evening in Times Square.  Filling in for Bono(still injured from his Central Park bike accident) was Chris Martin from Coldplay, and the Boss himself: Bruce Springsteen.  On top of being a completely free concert, the crowd had no clue who was about to walk out and perform, due the extreme secrecy of the event over the last couple of weeks.


Bill Clinton also made a surprise appearance.  Relaying some great news on advances in combating AIDS, he finished with reading a letter from Bono, closing:  “We’re going to win this fight.”

Not a moment after, the electric Chris Martin (with t-shirt that read “Substitute”) came out with “U2 Minus 1” and began “Beautiful Day”.


WATCH the full concert:


Also on the bill were Carrie Underwood and Kanye West.  Underwood would be called the “reigning queen of country” by Edge as she performed her rendition of “Change” and “Something In The Water”.  West’s performance was short but powerful with, “Power”, “Jesus Walks”, “Black Skinhead”, “Stronger” and “Touch The Sky”.

And finally the Boss took the stage.

Strutting out in leather jacket, Springsteen and “U2 Minus 1” began with “Where The Streets Have No Name” to a roaring crowd.  Followed by “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” which Springsteen is no stranger to.  U2 and the Boss have played it in The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame together, twice now.

We hope for a fast recovery from Bono, but we sure do love these stand-ins!

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