best accordions

Best Accordions of 2019

Best Accordions of 2019 Invented in Europe in the early 1800’s, the accordion has a unique, and easily identifiable sound. The accordion is an extremely versatile instrument that can be played in musical styles such…

best harmonicas

Best Harmonicas of 2019

Best Harmonicas Harmonicas or “harps” are some of the most popular, versatile, and convenient instruments in the world. We have come up with a list of best harmonicas of 2019 to help you get on the train….

best didgeridoo

Best Didgeridoo

Best Didgeridoo The didgeridoo is a unique, and easily noticeable wind instrument. Every one is familiar with its trance-like sound. But despite being created 1,000 years ago in Northern Australia, it isn’t all that easy to…

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings It might be easy to overlook the importance of strings, but the difference between the best acoustic guitar strings and their cheap counterparts is night and day. Significant noticeable differences include sound quality,…

best portable PA systems

Best Portable PA systems

Best Portable PA systems PA systems are a fundamental piece of equipment, whether you’re performing in front of a crowd, or just giving a speech in public. But finding an outlet for power can often…

best melodicas 2018

4 Best Melodicas 2019

4 Best Melodicas 2019 Melodica, also known as a key harmonica, or blow organ, is a keyboard-like instrument that uses a vibrating reed in a keyboard shell. The keys are laid out in standard piano…

best mini guitar amps

Best Mini Guitar Amps

Best Mini Guitar Amps Guitar amps are a big part of a guitarist’s gear. They help shape the sound, and overall feel of your playing. While gig amps are extremely important, they’re of no use when you…

best ukuleles 2017

5 Best Ukuleles for 2019

5 Best Ukuleles of 2019 Ever since Portuguese explorers in the 19th century brought the predecessors of the ukulele to the Hawaiian islands, this little powerhouse has left a lasting impression. A fun, portable, and…

best Cajuns for beginners

4 Best Cajons For Beginners

Best Cajons For Beginners Cajons have greatly increased in popularity since their creation in the 18th century. Despite getting their start in Peru, and being originally used for Latin American & African music, the cajon is…

best distortion pedals

Best Distortion Pedals

Best Distortion Pedals Distortion pedals are arguably the most popular guitar pedals on the planet, and should be a part of any guitarists gear. That’s why we spent countless hours testing numerous pedals and  wrote this guide…