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A drummer turned frontman
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An alternative project based out of Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 2010 by Zac Farro and Jason Clark.  Farro, most notable as the former drummer of American rock-group, Paramore, created Halfnoise just two days following his departure from the group.

Originally named “Tunnel”, Farro and Clark released their first song together entitled, Hide Your Eyes.  Soon after, however, they decided to rename themselves “Halfnoise”, due to other bands also claiming the name “Tunnel”.

The groups debut self-titled EP, released in 2012, would also see the exit of Jason Clark from the group. One is left to speculate, however, on the exact moment of Clarks departure due to assertions Farro made to NME: “I played all the drums, I did all the sampling. Me and a producer called Daniel James did the guitars together, but it was mainly just me performing.”, he stated.




During the month of August (2013), Farro declared via instagram that he was in New Zealand for seven months recording with Daniel James his sophomore album.

Volcano Crowe

Released September 30, 2014, Volcano Crowe (aptly named due to Farro recording the album at the bottom of a volcano) is a vast and impressive journey.  A pleasant surprise from a once top-40 drummer, it rivals anything Paramore created in their hayday.

Expansive and moving it’s easy to see the influences Farro received from the New Zealand countryside.  The first single off the album, Mountain, is a crystal clear winner.  A stand out amongst the album, hypnotic beats, and intelligent flowing guitar lines set the scene of rolling mountains and an endless sky.  Farro sings as if he has done so his whole professional life, creating a magnetism that is seemingly effortless.


‘Mountain’ blends perfectly with the cinematography shot entirely in New Zealand


1×1, fifth on the album, is a good representation of the album as a whole: moving choruses reiterated many times to a steady beat.  Farro makes the artistic choice on many of the songs to calm the song’s trajectory as opposed to the traditional and typical style of climaxing in one large chorus or solo. This tranquil approach paints a picture for the listener: the calm Farro must have felt while writing and recording beneath the volcano in New Zealand.

Be sure not to miss the final track, Tapes, a dream-like melody that is slow in it’s onset but crescendos into beautiful harmonies and lyricism.

You taped us to the ground

But I’ll stay with you now.



Despite being categorized as just “the ex-drummer from Paramore”, Zac Farro has made a new and highly respectable name for himself with the release of Volcano Crowe: Brilliant.


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