New Manners- New Manners EP

A little-known California band stealing the show

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New Manners

Catchy and endearing, New Manners was pieced together by separate touring bands that quickly became friends in 2012.  Comprised of Anthony Lujan, Nick Camacho, Judcody Limon, Loren James, and Dave Trautz, the group writes fun but emotional music, making it so easy to quickly fall in love with such a genuine sound.

After forming, the California quintet spent 2013 writing, culminating in their debut EP.




New Manners EP

Released in December of 2013, New Manners EP was self produced and mixed by the bands very own Dave Trautz, and mastered by Pete Lyman (St.Vincent/Best Coast/Bloc Party).

The EP begins with Smaller Clothes, a sweet and  careful tune that slowly eases us into the bands talent.  “Your clothes are getting smaller, your eyes are wondering, your heart is growing fonder” keeps the listener intrigued while guitar and drums are gently building up.  The fast picks of the guitar are a very similar styling to that of a Young The Giant verse, leading us into a lively chorus.

Following second on the album, Take What’s Yours, contrasts Smaller Clothes, offering fun hooks, bouncy drums, and a sing-along chorus.  The guitars do great work on this track, offering the catchy melody in just a few notes, you’ll be sure to be humming it by song’s end.  You really start to hear New Manner’s sound unveiling with Take What’s Yours, a serious band in terms of subject, yet never taking themselves too seriously, and musically enjoying every note and every moment: a truly fun band.

 Selfish Ghost keeps the fun coming with what is potentially the most developed song on the album, the only complaint with this track is it should be longer! Delivering yet another boisterous chorus with flowing lyrics, they never touch on melodramatic, like so many bands of the genre do.

Performing at Slidebar in Fullerton, CA
Performing at Slidebar in Fullerton, CA


The Future

After supporting popular Canadian band, Said The Whale, New Manners have slowed their live appearances to focus on their fourthcoming album.  They recently shared a track, Window, off their upcoming album via their Youtube channel.



Despite being so unknown, New Manners plays with conviction, but more importantly with a tremendous amount of lightheartedness and fun.  Just listening to their tracks it’s easy to see them playing to large audiences with those catchy hooks and connectable lyrics.  With their recent traction of supporting popular bands and being signed to The Native Sound, New Manners has a bright future ahead of them.


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