We Roll Like Madmen, Hermetic Vol. 1

A non-stop South Carolina duo.
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We Roll Like Madmen

In 2013, the Madmen completed their first national tour across the Midwest, appeared as the featured artists of Charleston Fashion Week, and released a session with Daytrotter Studios. They later relocated to Columbia, South Carolina and partnered with local label Post-Echo to collaborate on more impactful media and events. The Madmen finished the year strong by performing at the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit Local Showcase, opening for electronic pop sensation Baths, and playing shows with Asheville’s RBTS WIN.


…..All that in just one year.


We-Roll-Like-Madmen press


“Bringing to mind the adventurous innovation of Daft Punk in spirit if not always in practice, their compositions always seem relentless more than anything, rarely stopping their idiosyncratic twists and turns to catch a breath.” – Kyle Petersen, Jasper Magazine

 To kick off 2014, they joined Bonnaroo and Moogfest veteran Fine Peduncle for a double date in addition to winning RadioFlag’s Best Music Artist, East Coast. After joining forces with Post-Echo to release their new record The Kids Must Die, enjoying a return to Charleston Fashion Week, and touring the East Coast; We Roll Like Madmen continue their takeover of 2014 with the release of Hermetic Vol. 1, the first installment in a 2-part conceptual EP series to be concluded next year. A spiritual follow-up to February’s The Kids Must Die, the Hermetic experience eschews the collaborative nature of its predecessor in favor of a bleaker, more primal energy. With Hermetic Vol. 1, the Madmen stand both alone and as one.


The Hermetic Vol. 1

The Hermetic Vol. 1 album begins with an instrumental mindscape of a dream-like state.  The Rose, is the most technically-simplistic of the album, yet it is able to deliver a fantastic emotive response of tranquility and calmness.

 The Hermetic Vol. 1 quickly continues with the longest track of the album, Brazen Tone.  This track begins with an industrial resonance, contrasting greatly the peaceful melody of the former track.  Brazen Tone takes on an almost reggaeton beat, yet it oddly enough works within the piece.  My only criticism of the track is the vocals (@ 1:56-3:12) standing out as a bit too harsh and not quite fitting the hypnotic machinery theme of the piece.




 The Uncomfortable, fourth on the album, takes time in its build up but fully pays off at 2:38, with appreciable vocals, a captivating beat, and uplifting synth.  I was fully enthralled in the latter half off the song, which speaks to the artist’s talent and ability to recognize the listener’s need for that crucial build up.

 The final track of the album, The Relief, is by far the most adept and skillfull song of Hermetic Vol. 1. Intoxicating vocals lead the charge in a relaxed aura that still has the ability to enchant.  The artist plays with just the perfect amount of delay with the vocals and creates an anchor with a superb beat through out the song.

 The Relief, was the perfect song to showcase that We Roll Like Madmen have great talent and finish the album on a truly high note.


The Future

 Looking forward the Madmen are set to bring their electrifying live show to select southeastern dates including performing as the house band for this Fall’s Belle et Bete Puppet Slam and the unveiling of more Hermetic audiovisual experiments. 2015 will see the 2nd installment of the Hermetic series as well as an immersive installation to capstone the project.



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