Said The Whale, Hawaiii

Said The Whale have put Canadian indie-bands on the map.

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Said The Whale



Their humble beginnings trace back to 2007, formed by singer/guitarist Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft with Spencer Schoening on drums soon after, the group carved out a little following in their hometown of Vancouver.

After two albums, and completing the line-up: Jaycelyn Brown(vox, keys), Nathan Shaw(bass), the group decided for an ambitious break into America by attending one of the biggest musical festivals in the world, Austin’s SXSW. While on the road a CBC documentary was simultanously being filmed of the band, entitled, Winning America. The film documented the band’s struggle to fame, the up’s and down’s of tour life, and a behind the scenes look on up and coming bands.


“If you want to have a career as a musician and you want to not have to have a day job, focus on music, make music your life, you absolutely have to break into the United States.”

-Tyler Bancroft, Winning America

The film ended with Said the Whale receiving a momentous Juno win for New Group of the Year (2011), and heading into the studio to record.



Similar to such band’s as Real Estate and The Ocean Party, The group’s newest record, appropriately named Hawaiii encompasses a larger pop experience, a transition from former records that relied heavily on the bands folk roots. Spectacular hooks, uplifting choruses, and thought-provoking lyrics, this slight genre switch is a unique blend of pop musicality, while maintaining the writing style of previous records: 20-somethings searching for answers to love and life. This surf-rock vibe is most apparent in tracks Willow, I Love You, and Mother with the latter being the stand out (pop) track of the album.

  “Don’t tell my mother til I pull myself together” -Mother, Said The Whale

Despite the Hawaiian theme of palm trees and white sand beaches, Said The Whale is sure to bring you back to their folk roots, with the final track It’s the Weight of the Season. In one track you are transported to the bleakness of winter, and the prospect of creating a little light in the dark. This final track is by far one of their most moving out of all their albums and demands a listen.



The Future:

Said the Whale is currently on tour from Nov-Dec 2014, be sure to catch them on the road.


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