The Tourist Company- Space Race

A race to the moon in Vancouver
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With self-proclaimed band interests such as sunny days, ice cream, and puppies, The Tourist Company is sure to put you in a good mood.  But don’t let their carefree whimsy fool you, TTC is a unique and clever company that stands out among a crowded scene.

The Tourist Company

Vancouver natives comprised of Taylor Swindells (Vocals/ Guitar), Jillian Levey  (Vocals/Glockenspiel/Keys), Brenon Parry (Drums/Percussion) and later adding Josué Quezada  (Vocals/Bass) to the mix, have crafted a diverse and delicate sound in a relatively short period of time. Self-labeling themselves as “experimental folk-rock”, one can find numerous genres seeping into the mix: indie, alternative, rock, folk, ethnic, and so much more.  Where other bands fall short with such a cluttered spectrum of sound, The Tourist Company excel greatly.
After the release of their debut-album Brother, Wake Up (2013), The Tourist Company toured western Canada, picking up news fans along the way.  Compelled to write and record fresh music, however, the band headed into the studio, releasing their sophomore album Space Race(2014), exactly one year from their debut album.

Space Race

In many less tracks than Brother, Wake Up, TTC is able to explore a larger scope of sound and variety on Space Race.  A traditional concept album by nature,  The Tourist Company holds their roots of former records while telling an interesting take on historical happenings.

We wrote this record about the race to the moon and the incredible optimism in an idealistic future that went along with it. 

Beginning with Irrepressible Future, the story commences with a people who’ve grown tired of this world, and are in search for something more: “We took flight but we want more, this world has lost its charm, we need a change of scene. Start this race begin it now, fate lies beyond the clouds. We’re never turning back.”


Catchy drums and effortless guitar make Irrepressible Future a great start to the album.  Taylor and Jillian’s collaborative vocals on “I don’t wanna die until you know who I’ve been”, create an emotional anchor that reveal a depth of the band not first apparent.

Vostok 1, second on the album, is a pleasant myriad of assortment.  A grab-bag of syling, it contains some phenomenal musicianship not often heard in other records of the same class.  At times, it’s easy to envision the cosmos that TTC has created, similar to that of a Sci-Fi novel.  Vostok 1 eventually calms towards the end, finalizing in a stripped version of itself.


It eventually becomes apparent The Tourist Company have an uncomplicated way of pulling you in with the simplest of lines: “Hide me somewhere I cannot escape from, somewhere I can find my peace. Oh sweet relief.” Despite delivering a themed album, TTC, like any good storytellers, are sure to always remain relevant to the human element of life and love.

2014 and on

2014 has been a huge year for The Tourist Company.  After releasing Space Race,  they were voted Regional Champion for Vancouver in CBC Music’s Searchlight competition, and are one of 12 bands in this year’s Peak Performance Project.

TTC have been gracious in their success, however, and released an EP, September of this year, where all proceeds are given to a local charity:

“Atlantic” is an acoustic EP we recorded to help support the hungry and homeless. The album is priced so that even after distribution costs, it covers the cost of one meal through Union Gospel Mission, a phenomenal organization working out of a state-of-the-art facility in downtown Vancouver, B.C.. Each EP sold provides a meal for someone in need on the Downtown Eastside.”

With already so much accomplished, a talented, and good-hearted band like The Tourist Company will have no problem gaining new fans every where they go.


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