Zachary Simms, Pages of War

Folk Rock
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Zachary Simms

zachary-simms-performingZachary Simms is a Nashville born, Kansas City transplant who has been writing songs for over 12 years. In 2011, he released his first EP, Be Strong, Take Courage – where he showcased his talents for infusing folk rock n’ roll with Jesus Christ.

He began recording his new album, Pages of War in November of 2013 with nothing more than a sound engineer and a room of instruments. His desire to create an organic experimental rock album that draws the listener back in and again took four years to complete. And as quoted by Zachary, those four years were the result of, “spending much time in scripture and coming to terms with the truth.”

But it’s finally here.


Pages of War

Over the span of 15 days the album was recorded. Simms played virtually every note of every instrument on the album himself. His wife, Kim, contributed background vocals on one sole song, Whatisman.

Pages of War is cited to be influenced by Spoon, Grizzly Beat, and Radiohead and with a keen ear, you’ll certainly detect their relational similarities. But Simms has also built his own coming, which is elegantly moving and smoothly capturing.

We as people need detached music. It distinguishes October from January and matches our emotions to the seasons of life. Listening to Pages of War in the fall is strongly fitting. The wistful feeling that comes over us in autumn, matches the mood felt here.

It’s not all melancholy though. From the get go, Priest Forever is powerful enough to get you moving. There is a fiery energy in Simms that blends magnificently with his catchy, chiming guitar and electronic back beat.

Lest you be confused, this is not a Sunday school record. It’s an emotional out pour of a man that cries out his faith, spirituality, and ties it to the uncontrollable and unknown holdings of life.

Faith isn’t the calling here. Instead, faith is the medium. Pages of War show a story of a man who matches his own musical talents with faith and it’s creation stands as a marker of music acting as this man’s tool.


The Future

Simms released his first EP, Be Strong, Take Courage in December of 2011 and Pages of War stands as a testament to his continued dedication to music. It’s evident that since 2011, Zach has been tweaking his sound signature and making it more of his own.

We hope to see him further grow and build a greater presence for himself.




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